THS Freshman Christina Freibott takes Girls Diving Crown

NEWARK -- Wilmington Friends junior Greg Miraglia and Tower Hill freshman Christina Freibott won the boys and girls state diving titles during Saturday's championship meet at the University of Delaware.

Eight points separated the top four female divers heading into Saturday's finals, when divers performed their final three dives out of 11. Freibott won with 331.35 points, edging Tatnall sophomore Katie Lounsbury (331.05).

On Freibott's next-to-last dive, she scored two 6s and a 6.5 for an inward 1 1/2 somersault from the tuck position -- a dive with a 2.2 degree of difficulty. Freibott closed with a backward 1 1/2 somersault from the tuck position (2.0).

Lounsbury was diving after Freibott in the rotation and closed with a backward somersault with 1 1/2 twists from the free position (2.3 degree of difficulty). She was just short of catching Freibott.

"All the dives count," Freibott said. "I saved the dives that I was most comfortable with for the end. Everyone dove well and I was just fortunate enough to come out on top."

Ursuline eighth-grader Mikaela Gekas-Robinson (313.25) was third and A.I. du Pont sophomore Leah Hatkevich (312.45) was fourth.

Six of Miraglia's 11 dives had a degree of difficulty of 2.0 or greater, including one Saturday rated at 2.4, a forward 2 1/2 somersault from the tuck position.

Miraglia won with 382.25 points, beating Salesianum sophomore John Gravatt (292.40).

"I really have to think all the guys [in the competition]," said Miraglia, who trains with Riptide Diving (UD is its home pool). "We work with each other and we all push each other to dive our best."

Charter senior Kyle McCormick won a four-way race for third with 260.95 points, nipping Charter sophomore Thomas Carlson (259.90), Salesianum junior Daniel Callaghan (255.35) and Charter senior Samuel Singer (254.30).

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Reprinted with permission of The News Journal