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Ceramics Class Creates Japanese Tea Ware

New this year to the Tower Hill Upper School art electives curriculum is a ceramics class. Rowena Macleod, teacher for this course, majored in ceramics and painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. The new ceramics studio, located next to the wood shop, is equipped with a kiln, three electric potter's wheels, a slab roller and a pug mill.
Students learn handbuilding and wheel thrown techniques in order to create functional ware, sculptural work or a combination of the two. All artwork is fired and glazed. One of the assignments was to create Japanese tea bowls, complete with a platter and spoon. To test the functionality of their ware (and to have a good excuse to eat!), the class had a sushi party with tea.
Thanks to parents Kathy Brennan for Japanese artifacts, Anne Rovner for sushi, Millie Chiu Ramirez for rice dishes, and to students Jaime Manlove and Katie Gianforcaro for providing tea.