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  • Olivia Schwandt
    That is so great! that is so kind of you to do that! To help underprivileged children is such a great idea, I'm sure they would be so thankful for your kindness! Keep up the good work! Olivia

Fourth-Grader Turns School Project Into Community Service Effort

After reading Esperanza Rising this year, fourth-graders created dolls out of yarn inspired by the book to give to visitors on Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day. Charlotte Langlois, however, did not stop at making just one. She went on to make 20 of the dolls at home and then tucked them into care packages she and her family collected for underprivileged children in rural Appalachia.
“She’s just really special,” said Charlotte’s teacher, Ann Sullivan. “She’s quietly confident, and to have such awareness as a fourth-grader is just unbelievable.”
The book describes the struggle of Mexican immigrants during the Great Depression, with the protagonist’s name, Esperanza, translating to “hope” in English. Charlotte’s grandmother told her about children in need today in Appalachia, and Director of Service Learning Chris Morrow helped Charlotte and her family connect with the nonprofit organization Mission of Hope to donate the care packages —  which each included toiletries, a copy of the book and a doll with a note from Charlotte. Way to fill a bucket, Charlotte!