Ranked in Top 50 in U.S.

Tower Hill School has been ranked 47th in the country by TheBestSchools.org in a survey of private day schools. Tower Hill is the only Delaware school included in the rankings.

James A. Barham, Ph.D., and General Editor of TheBestSchools.org, commented, "We selected Tower Hill School on the basis of a wide variety of weighted factors, including overall academic excellence, Ivy League matriculation rates, innovative curricula, extracurricular programs, and socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographical diversity."

TheBestSchools.org highlighted Tower Hill's curriculum. In place of AP courses, the school offers advanced and accelerated courses designed by faculty which better accomplish our educational aims and prepare students for the kind of in-depth self-directed learning that is expected at the college level. In addition to excelling in academics, students participate in 10 seasons of interscholastic sports, complete 40 hours of community service and select from a full range of courses in the arts.

Out of the top 50 private schools, Tower Hill is one of the most affordable, ranking 9th based on tuition fees for the 2013-2014 school year.

The survey also mentioned famous alumni, including TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz '78 and DuPont CEO Ellen J. Kullman '74 and the Wall Street Journal's 2008 ranking of Tower Hill as #24 in the nation, and #1 in Delaware, in percentage of students attending eight top colleges.

TheBestSchools.org is an independent organization with no ties to any other educational institution. All its editors know the academic world inside out, with some holding Ph.D.'s and having extensive experience in teaching, research, and publishing at the university level.

For details about The 50 Best Private Day Schools in the United States: http://www.thebestschools.org/blog/2013/04/30/50-private-day-schools-united-states/

Founded in 1919, Tower Hill School is a private, college prep school in Wilmington, Delaware, serving students in preschool through Grade 12.
Tower Hill is regarded as one of the best private schools in the U.S. Many of Tower Hill's students attend top universities and colleges.

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